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Creating an effective Trend Collection

Before he creates a collection, the fashion designer carries out research on future trends. To achieve this, it employs the offices of style that list in the novel trend, a catalog composed of lists of colors, textures in vogue. It designs mood boards, panels covered with photographs of types. It is inspired by. After these steps, it defines the motif and the range of the future collection.

After validation of the project by the art direction, the designer begins with the research of the tissues needed for clothing makers. The materials explain and give an idea about the final result. It's because of this he must locate the tissues before the layout of the models. The fashion designer draws the models and aspect to each of the cloth to be satisfactory. Once the creation of the models was carried out, it puts in place the strategy of the collection. Are recorded with this strategy, sketches, contents which are used, together with the quantity of the model to produce. The drawings are then reproduced on computers and transmitted to the modeliste.

Second hand designer clothes

The fashion designer must exhibit versatility. This company isn't limited to the development. It is touching the models, negotiates with the producers, organizing events, design shops, etc. The mode is a sector where competition is increasing. The firms, but also the professionals are changed by this tide of competition. Despite their abilities and qualifications, some fashion designers are fighting to find work and don't accomplish the national and international acclaim. The professionals must be noticeable by their style, their universe, and their experiences.

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